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Jason Worrall



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Welcome to DrJasonFit...Your online resource for spine healthy exercises designed for improved mobility and PAIN Reduction!

It's NOT easy being in PAIN. I hear you. That's why we've created DrJasonFit, to help you not only get fit like you've always wanted to, but to get out of pain. Follow along on our 12 week video course to tone, strengthen and tighten your core and spinal supporting muscles.

Course includes:

-12 Weekly videos with NEW exercises for your core, starting off slowly and progressing each week to help you Level UP week by week

-Dietary tips to help you stay strong and lean while working out

-Sleep tips including pillows and pillow position to minimize back pain

-Added BONUS content

Keep me posted with your progress by tagging me @drjason on Instagram and @drjasonw on Twitter.

Remember, we're in this TOGETHER, and I'm excited for your transformation!

Stay Ready,

Dr. Jason

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