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1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

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Book a working session with Dr. Jason

20 minutes - $250

2 Reasons people seek me out for coaching:

1. Discover their purpose.

2. Strategy with life, challenges, healthcare business and social media.

You choose.

Once booked, you'll receive a personal email from me to set up a time to connect asap.

We'll either use this time to help you discover your purpose, using the same method I've used with CEOs of billion dollar companies and world renowned athletes and celebrities,


spend the time helping you with your top 2-3 questions, outlining a strategy, and arranging a tactical plan to grow your brand and/or business.

The recording and any resources we create or discuss are yours to keep.

You can submit payment here and then respond to your email receipt and we will schedule your call.

My areas of Competency

Relationships - Personal Challenges and Rebuilding

Having run multiple small businesses all the while being married for 15 years, I've been through trials and tribulations and made it through to tell of another day. Let my experience and pain save you time, energy, money and suffering.

Social Media/YouTube Growth

I've built a single practitioner office into a multi-practitioner business that runs without me being there, because of my reputation and skill set of myself and my team. We can talk strategy, tactics, and systems that make entrepreneurship and this growth easier and more predictable. 

Content and Growth Strategy

I've grown my YouTube to over 1M subscribers completely organically, and as a result have a business full of customers ready to pay, stay and refer.


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