What Would Happen Next If You Didn't Have Doubt?

Doubt is the biggest dream killer, action stopper, relationship ruiner and overall suck for life.

If it weren't for doubt, many reading this would likely be in a better relationship, better position at work, and likely living an overall better life.

But that's not the worst part.

Instead, because of doubt, most will suffer in a relationship less than they deserve, be mistreated at home, work and in life, and often settle for a life of mediocre instead of a life of abundance.

Overcoming doubt can be what UNLOCKS your life, but it's often in what we're doing, rather than what we're not doing that lies the problem.

(Keep reading to learn what you may be doing that's causing you to DOUBT yourself.)

What most people know is that we all have a little doubt, somewhere inside.

But what a lot of people are now realizing is that we CAN overcome that doubt, and it's actually not that difficult.

The other day I made an Instagram post talking about Doubt, and 3 ways to overcome it (this is the part many are not doing)

Those 3 ways include:

  1. Asking Quality Questions
  2. State Positive Affirming Thoughts
  3. Act Out Of Belief

You can read the post to get a further breakdown of those strategies.

What I want to give you today is a CLOSE Look at what you may be doing that's causing DOUBT in your life and leading you down the road that you'd likely rather not be on.


We all have vices - immoral or wicked behavior or characteristics that we justify because of our stress, our problems and challenges.

Whether it's smoking, drinking, eating poorly, or any number of bad habits, we convince ourselves that "it's ok," "no one will know," and "I'll be fine."

But that's a LIE.

The most important person in the world KNOWS, and that person is YOU!

I'm not saying to not enjoy yourself and celebrate life.

What I am saying is that the abuse and use of vices are what silently hold you back from the life you know you deserve.

When we partake in vices on a regular basis, we SILENTLY tell ourselves we're:

  • Unreliable
  • Untrustworthy
  • Inconsistent
  • And that we Lack WORTH

Now I don't know about you, but NONE of those sound like thoughts I want to embody.


The Problem

Getting rid of doubt is all about being congruent between your actions and intentions.

I can't tell you how many patients I've encountered over the years that say they want to get better and heal, yet continue to eat an inflammatory diet, sleep late, take medicines, and not exercise or do entirely the wrong type of exercise for their body and goals.

This is plain and simple a LACK of DISCIPLINE.

When you lack discipline, you're no longer a disciple to a higher purpose.

And when you remove purpose from your life, you live for PLEASURE.

And well, that's the problem.


The Solution

Once you understand that doubt is like a seed that you've planted into the soil of your life by your repetitive actions that go against your best interest and purpose, it's easy to see the solution start unfolding in front of you.

Get rid of your vices.

Choose purpose over pleasure.

Make sure that what you say you want and what you do ALIGNS.



Its' not easy when you aren't where you want to be in life, work relationships etc.

The core issue that keeps you from where you really want to be is doubt.

We create doubt in our mind when we silently trespass into areas that don't serve our mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

When we focus on our purpose over pleasure, and begin to align our actions with our intentions, we unleash the natural abundance of energy, focus and action needed to propel ourselves to our desired destination.


That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed.

See you next Saturday.



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