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Have you ever noticed that the basics never go out of style?

Think jeans.

Muscle cars.

Opening the door for someone.

Flowers for a date.

Love notes for a lover.

The basics ALWAYS work. And they do so because they're based on FUNDAMENTAL principles that last.

A principle STANDS, regardless of what you or I think of it.

And today, we'll briefly revisit the principle of Accountability - in the most basic form.

Last week, we spoke about Letting Go of What You Think You Know and how you will never be complete and satisfied until you are truly living at your greatest, highest potential.

I mentioned that in order to BE at your Greatest, Highest Potential, you have to BE certain things.

Many people live a life of "apparent success," only to find out that they're actually really unhappy.

Why is this?

Simple. They've lost accountability to themselves for the little things, and as a RESULT, they lose accountability to themselves for the BIG things, such as:

  • tolerating the way people treat them poorly.
  • tolerating a floundering existence
  • tolerating a subpar financial status
  • tolerating an unhealthy, overweight body
  • sticking to any plan of substance - whether it's business, personal, dietary, fitness, etc.

The list goes on (I'll leave it to your imagination...)

And so, I propose the following:

In order to be grateful, complete and satisfied, you must be living at your absolute full potential as a spiritual being.


In order to do this, we have to start small.

Today, I want you to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Where have I told myself I would DO something, and did NOT do it?
  2. Where did I tell myself I would NOT do something and DID do it?

To be at your FULL potential (aka your purpose) as a spiritual being, you have to BE certain things.

A liar (to yourself, let alone to others) is the FASTEST way to destroy your self-worth and accountability.

If that's who you BE, I'm starting to understand why you may not be at your best...

More next week.

Sending all my love & blessings,

Dr. Jason


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