The Consequence of Losing Your Vision

The Consequence of Losing Your Vision

The size of your vision determines the size of your life.

For some vision is a simple term, with a simple meaning. It's what they see.

For others, their vision is something they work on, cogitate about, and are constantly refining.

For many, life is lived as a frustrating series of events that never quite lead up to the ultimate realization of what they want.

For others, life is an abundant joy, filled with an equal number of ups and downs that carries them definitively to the destination that was pre-conceived in the mind.

Knowing that, this article can now begin to become important to you.

So what happens when you lose your vision?

Let's look:

Some people never have a vision. We just mentioned those earlier. They usually go through life relatively unfulfilled, and they try to make the best of what they have.

Others may find that they have a grand vision, big dreams, and they lose their vision either suddenly or over time.

What's happening? Why do they lose the vision, and what are the consequences of losing their vision?

It's pretty simple actually.

You lose your vision when you lose your focus. Vision is what you see in your present and projected future life. When you lose focus, you take your eyes (and your mind) off of what's important.

When you lose touch with what's important, you lose the ability to be present, and when you're not present, you're either focused on the future (anxiety) or the past (guilt).

How can you lose touch with your future if your minds already there?


If you're not focused in the present, you don't have a foundation from which to build the future-first in your mind, second in reality.


Focus on and write down what you really, truly want. I'm not talking about cars, houses and money. All of those are the results of people with vision who focus, produce, and then that production yields.

Want sexy cars and big houses? Is that your vision?

You're not really focused. Try again.

If you've ever lost your vision, and have reclaimed it, I'd love to hear from you.

Share this article for someone to re-gain their vision. You never know who's reading :-)

Jason Worrall

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