Business Mentoring with Dr. Jason -  3 months

Business Mentoring with Dr. Jason - 3 months

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Business mentoring is for periods of 3 months at a time.

Everyone is a coach, but few are QUALITY MENTORS!

A mentor is someone who guides and leads by example, providing precious and TIME saving insights into the game of LIFE.

This program is the opportunity to join Dr. Jason and learn from his personal and professional experience, in order to live at your highest version of YOU!


Students, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physical Therapists all look for coaching and mentoring help for both technique and people/business skills.

After 17 years in practice and many asking, I've decided to open up several levels of mentoring to students and doctors that are invested in themselves and their growth.

For doctors, there is limited access to this level of mentoring that provides access to the following:

- Access to The Chiropractic University - my online training platform with over 100 videos and growing of adjusting and muscle rehab techniques.

- Access to my online InstaPractice Growth Social Media Accelerator.

- 2 hrs of calls scheduled initially during first two weeks to clarify goals, action steps and answer any necessary questions.

- One 30min call scheduled weekly to review goals, action steps and answer questions.

- 50% discount to The Alignment adjusting seminars, so you can grow and sharpen your adjusting skills on a regular basis.



Business mentoring is for periods of 3 months at a time.



Disclaimer:  Mentoring is not for everyone, especially not those who do not take direction well and are not self-starters. Absolutely no results are implied, promised or otherwise. Transactions are merely for advice, stewardship and mentoring, all of which are the opinion of Dr. Jason and considered as such. There are no refunds for mentoring services.