I Used to Not Like Getting Adjusted..

I Used to Not Like Getting Adjusted..

Early on in my Chiropractic journey, before I entered Chiropractic college, I was in an accident that caused me to experience neck and back pain. I went to a Chiropractor that helped me significantly, although for one reason or another I changed Chiropractors several times.

While under the care of several of these Chiros, I noticed something strange - I would feel great getting adjusted, and then subsequently be in pain the next day.

Not  the desired outcome.

While this can have much to do with inflammation, joint health and a variety of factors that have nothing to do with the Chiropractor or their adjustment, I had experienced tremendous relief from adjustments, so I knew that something was off.

Upon entering Chiro school, I began to learn about adjustments and techniques and was simultaneously exposed to extracurricular seminars learning from in-practice doctors about adjusting techniques also.

I found something fascinating...

Most of the adjustments taught in Chiro college were bio-mechanically incorrect, either for the Chiro or the patient!

I decided to approach the situation with my eyes wide open. If you always do things the same way, you'll always get the same results.

So I started to search for alternate (and better) ways of adjusting - according to how people needed the adjustment - because I knew it could help when the right adjustment was done in the right moment for that person.

Here's what I realized:

My neck was out of alignment - I could feel it - the pain, the discomfort and limited range of motion. The problem was the WAY in which I was being adjusted. I received the same adjustment, each time, never varying. I knew adjustments could help, but the ones I was getting were not helping me.

So I decided to abandon what I had been taught and learn the much more difficult techniques.

This was challenging, because my seeming level of proficiency dropped like crazy! I wasn't able to get many adjustments that I had done in the past, because I was attempting them in a different manner, which was new to me.

So, I persisted in learning, and everything changed - both for my spine and my patients.

What a blessing it is to PERSIST and learn something new.

And so when people ask me HOW I'm able to take care of many of the people and cases I do today, it's because of this. I persisted beyond what was presented to me and learned new ways of adjusting.

Want to learn one of the life changing adjustments (both for me and my patients)?

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