3 Things to Look For When Choosing a Mentor

3 Things to Look For When Choosing a Mentor

These days, everyone is a coach, but few are quality mentors!

A mentor is someone who guides and leads by example, in business and in life. They provide precious and TIME saving insights into the game of LIFE!

Here's the first thing to look for when choosing a mentor:

1) Look for someone that "appears" to have their life setup like you imagine yours.

This is critical - because although once you get to know them and the intricacies of their lives - it may not be. (and likely isn't) all sunshine and rainbows, it still provides a baseline point of reference for the architecture of their and your lives. The "logistics" if you will of education or training, relationships and even business and residential decisions can help you to architect your dream life.

2) Choose someone ideally in the same line of business/career and/or study.

While I am a firm believer that we can learn from everyone around us - it definitely helps to have someone to learn from in the same area of interest that you have. While learning from someone in a different industry has many benefits, and lessons can be cross-applied, it is simpler and faster to have direct application. Seek out someone (when possible) in your area of interest for faster learning and assimilation.

3) Make sure their ENERGY matches where you're at or where you're working to get to.

I can't overstate this one enough!! Energy is everything. You can't separate out someone's bad energy, low energy, negative point of view or other energy attributes and just pretend like they don't matter. Find someone to mentor you that has a high energy vibration, puts out positivity and most importantly is someone you LOVE being around!

I hope this helps on your journey!

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